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Modern History Maps is a blog and online gallery about maps. It was started in 2020 by Stijn Van Weyenberg to share his love for 20th century cartography. 

I focus on maps that represent historical crossroads of society. For instance maps depicting the causes and consequences of conflicts, like the postwar maps of Berlin. Or maps that are witnesses of technical or social progression and revolution, like the Apollo 11 orbit map.

JRO Sondernkarte Berlin 1962.jpg
Apollo Earth Orbit Chart - revolution 2

Many of the maps I share on Modern History Maps communicate more, or even something completely different, than just topography. Some show the new order after the dust of war had settled, or celebrate the road to victory. Some express political opinions, others even try to influence the readers opinion. 


Maps that show that cartography is always about perspective. 


I am not a cartographer, not a historian, and not a professional writer. And English is not my native language. So there will be mistakes, faults & plain errors.

If you see one, or have any question, remark, addition or correction, please do not hesitate to contact me using the form below.


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