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Cookie policy


ModernHistoryMaps uses cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data stored on your computer. Cookies are intended to remember the way you use the website, and help the website to behave accordingly.  Cookies are not intended to harm you. They help you to get a better online experience. In no way are the cookies on this site able to identify you personally. This website use several types of cookies.


Several essential cookies are used that defend against malicious attacks.  On this website, they included cookies with names that start with TS, followed by a series of digits, and for instance XCRF-token.


Cookies that remember if a unique visitor (well, visitor...: they don't recognize or know you, but recognize devices) include smSession and svSession.

Social Media

The website offers the option to share certain content through your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. These functionalities often require cookies. If you use any of these media, you probably don't care much about your online privacy anyway.

Manage your cookie settings

You can disable cookies, but it will probably interfere with your online experience. Disabling settings vary widely between internet browsers. More information on disabling cookies can be found here.

Privacy policy


I am interested in who you are. Not because I want to make money out of you, but because we share an interest. Otherwise you would not have visited my website.


Contact form

You have the choice to contact me by using the contact form. The information you provided will only be used to answer you. The contact form is powered by Wix, the platform that hosts this website. Your input  is held by Wix, themselves bound by the GDPR and other data and privacy regulations. 

Mailing list

The blog offers the possibility to subscribe to a mailinglist. When a new blog is posted, you will automatically receive an email with a link to the post. If you sign up for this, the only purpose for which I will use your email address is for distributing these alerts.  You can unsubscribe by clicking the appropriate link in each mail, or by using the contact form. Your email address will then be removed from the list. I will never share your information with a third party for whatever reason. But again, chances that any of the major info-tech companies would be interested in spending big money to get the email addresses of about 10 map aficionados (half of who will probably be related to me) seem small. 

The emails will be sent from an email-address ending with They may show a banner that shows the mail was created with Ascent by Wix. Don't worry. This is OK.


You can comment on any blog you like, without having to leave your name. But if you want to leave your name, feel free. But be aware not to share too much personal data, since everyone is able to see it. Therefore, I would recommend against leaving your email address in the comment box. If you want me to get in touch, it's safer to use the contact form.

If you have any question on the cookie or privacy policy, please contact me using the contact form or email

Stijn Van Weyenberg, last updated May24th 2020

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