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The Beatles and Liverpool

Updated: Mar 5

Better late than never, the City Counsil of Liverpool would have thought, when they published a map of important Liverpool locations for the Beatles in 1974. This was almost 6 years after the Beatles split up. Probably by that time a lot of tourists visited the city in search of the cradle of one of the most popular bands ever.

the Beatles Map of Liverpool (1974)

The map was produced in the style of the 1968 animation movie Yellow Submarince. Captain Old Fred introduces John, Paul, George and Ringo. The main protagonist of the movie, the Chief Blue Meanie, is visible to his left. The submarine itself is floating in the Mersey.

The places of birth of the Beatles are shown with cartoonesque depicitions of them as babies, being delivered by storks. Interestingly, the birthplaces of George and Ringo appear a bit more sophisticated on the map than they were in real life.

Other places that are prominently shown are places related to song titles, such as Penny Lane en Strawberry Fierls, and places related to their carreers, such as the Aintree Institute and the Cavern.

Maps of the places were famous people lived are not a modern invention. Even in the 1930s maps were published with the places were Hollywood stars lived. But to my knowledge, no such map exists for the Rolling Stones.



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